im quag and im a shitty gay






for halloween or first dates

Embrace eternity 

Embrace itchy fucking eyes all night.

Embrace your inner demon (/Supernatural fandom).

Debbie Downer time: Please no.The site offers very minor safety warnings about them, which is highly disappointing. ‘Not suitable for all day use' is a huge understatement.
Wearing sclera lenses more than a few hours* could literally blind you. You are essentially suffocating your eyes when wearing these types of lenses and that damages the surface of your eyeball. That damage may cause temporary to permanent vision loss. Actors who have worn these lenses have been left temporarily blind because they left them in too long.
Sclera lenses are not going to fit everyone, and you should get checked by a professional to see if your eyes are shaped properly for the lens. If they’re uncomfortable, it means they don’t fit and you could potentially be damaging your eyes.
Your vision is more important than looking cool or freaky in costume. No costume is worth the risk of permanently hurting yourself.
*4 hours is often the maximum recommended length of time for wearing this style lens.

Found a Pokémon Center!



being homosexual or bisexual isn’t disgusting. but you know what is disgusting? when a man finds it ok for two girls to be making out or something of the sort just because it makes his dick hard, but when its two girls or, god forbid, two men that are in an actual, well-founded relationship and in love, the man finds that disturbing and immoral and wrong. now thats disgusting.

i hope all the homophobes read this.

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Replace All Straight Men With Literally Anything Else 2014




I find this extremely offensive.. Jokingly or not. Not all men are assholes, you know.

Who left this tray of lasagna here

ok sure but what will a straight girl love? a can of beans????

i feel like if you find this offensive youre an oversensitive shit babby but if you dont find this eye-rollingly stupid youre a teenage girl who thinks they know anything about social justice because they have a tumblog

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Bloodbowl Saurus by karlkopinski
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